Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Webpages in Dreamweaver

Now that our template is ready let us make the 4 webpages of our site – home, about us, services and contact us. The homepage file is usually named ‘index’. This is recognized by your hosting server as the home page and is shown when someone types in your domain name into the browser. HTML pages end with the file extension .htm or .html and it is a good practice not to have spaces in the file names, so we will create the following files:
  • index.html
  • about-us.html
  • services.html
  • contact-us.html
  • To create a webpage in Dreamweaver select ‘File’ from the Dreamweaver Menu, then select ‘New’.
  • From the New Document Window, select ‘Page from Template’, then our website’s name under ‘Site’ and finally the template name under Template
Webpages in Dreamweaver
  • Click the ‘Create’ button.
  • Dreamweaver will create an HTML page using the template.
  • Save [File > Save] the file as index.html
  • We have created our first html page. Repeat the process to create the other 3 pages.
  • The ‘Files’ panel will look like this:
    Webpages in Dreamweaver

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