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Form Styles | Dreamweaver

We can make the form look more presentable by defining form styles in Dreamweaver. We can give a style to the <label> tag. To do this:
  • Create a style for the label tag
  • Click ‘Box’ and enter:
  • Width : 150 px
  • Float: Left
  • Click OK
  • Form Styles | Dreamweaver
  • The form looks better now:
    Form Styles | Dreamweaver
Let’s push the submit button to align with the form fields. To do this:
  • Create a new CSS style
  • Select Class and name it ‘.btn’
    Form Styles | Dreamweaver
  • Box > Left: 150 px
    Form Styles | Dreamweaver
  • Select the button on the web page and select ‘btn’ from the drop down next to Class in the Properties panel.
    Form Styles | Dreamweaver
  • The button moves to the right and aligns nicely with the other fields:
    Form Styles | Dreamweaver
To program the form to be sent to specific email addresses when filled, you will need to install a php or asp form script and point the form to it in the action field of the Properties panel.
Form Styles | Dreamweaver
The php/ asp script is out of the scope of this tutorial. However there are free service providers that take care of the programming for you as well.

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