Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Heading Styles | Dreamweaver

Now that we have specified the text font style it is time to define the heading styles in Dreamweaver. HTML has various heading tags. Let us define the style of some of these specifically:
  • H1 (Heading 1)
  • H2 (Heading 2)
To define the style for the Heading 1 tag:
  • Click the ‘New Style Rule’ icon at the bottom of the CSS styles panel.
  • Selector Type: Tag
  • Selector Name: H1
    Heading Styles | Dreamweaver
  • Click OK
  • In the ‘CSS Rule Definition’ window, specify the font size 18 px
  • Set the color#FFBB2D
    Heading Styles | Dreamweaver
  • Click OK
  • Now select the heading text in your web page and apply the H1 tag by selecting Heading 1 from the Format drop down in the Properties panel.
    Heading Styles | Dreamweaver
  • You will see that the style is applied to the heading text
    Heading Styles | Dreamweaver
  • If you plan to have sub-headings in your webpages you can define the styles for the H2 tag and apply the Heading 2 format to them. Usually the font size would be smaller than the H1 tag font size.

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