Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Dreamweaver Menu

Now that our web layout is ready in Dreamweaver, let us work on the menu. Since the menu will appear in all the pages of the site it is advisable to put this into the template as well. Our main menu items are going to be images since the text is written in a font that may not be available on all the visitor’s computers. These have already been created in Fireworks and are available in your images folder.
We will simply insert these images into the menu area now. We will link them to the associated pages after we create the respective pages.
To insert the menu images:
  • Click in the menu area
  • Insert > Image > Browse to the images folder and click home.jpg
  • Click the OK button
  • You will see the Home image appears in the menu area of your layout.
  • Click after the home image
  • Repeat the above procedure for the images about-us.jpg, services.jpg and contact-us.jpg.
  • The menu layout now looks like this:
Dreamweaver Menu
In case you want to use drop down menus you can use the Dreamweaver feature – Spry Menu Bar [Insert > Layout Objects > Spry Menu Bar> then follow the instructions]
Dreamweaver Menu

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