Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Web Page Content

Now that we have created the pages of our site and linked them together, let us enter the web page content.
  • In the Files panel, double click index.html to open it.
  • Select and delete the word ‘content’
Web Page Content
  • Type in your website’s home page text.
  • See how your web page will look by previewing it in a browser [File > Preview in Browser > select the browser of your choice
Now lets us insert an image and align it right. To do this:
  1. Click before the start of the text
  2. Insert > Image > browse to the ‘image’ folder > select photo.jpg. The image will be inserted into the web page.
    Web Page Content
  3. Now we need to align it right. Click on the image.
  4. In the Properties panel, select ‘right’ from the drop down menu next to ‘Align’.Web Page Content
  5. The image will be aligned right.

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