Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Text Styles in Dreamweaver

We have added the text to out pages but the default font doesn’t really look good.  Let us specify the text styles in Dreamweaver. All the visible content in the web pages will be between the <body> tag in HTML. We can specify the properties of this body tag in our style sheet so that all the text in our web pages display in the Verdana/ Helvetica font and are a size 12px.
To do this:
  • Click on the ‘New CSS Rule’ icon at the bottom of the CSS Styles Panel
  • In the ‘New CSS Rule’ window, under ‘Selector Type’, select ‘Tag’
  • Under ‘Selector Name’, select or type ‘body’Text Styles in Dreamweaver
  • Click OK
  • In the ‘CSS Rule Definition’ window for ‘Font Family’ select ‘Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif’
  • For Font-size, type ’12′ and select ‘px’
    Text Styles in Dreamweaver
  • Click OK
  • The style of the text in the web page will change. It looks better now!
    Text Styles in Dreamweaver

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