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Rabu, 14 September 2011

How to Restore Uninstall Confirmation Prompt Box in Windows Vista and 7?

NOTE: This tutorial is old and was posted for Windows Vista. Now it has been updated to work with Windows 7 as well.
When you try to uninstall a software using Control Panel -> Programs and Features in Windows Vista or 7, Windows shows you a dialog box to confirm your choice as shown in following screenshot:
The dialog box also contains a checkbox which allows you to save your choice for future and if you select the checkbox and click on Yes or No button, Windows will remember your choice and will never show the uninstall confirmation prompt box.
Once you do this, you'll have no way left to restore the confirmation box.
Today in this tutorial, we'll tell you a simple way to restore the message box if you accidentally selected the checkbox "In the future, do not show me this dialog box" while clicking on yes or No button.
So without wasting time, lets start the tutorial:
1. Type regedit in RUN or Start menu Search box and press Enter. It'll open Registry Editor.
2. Now go to following key:
3. In right-side pane, look for following String value:
It would be set to NO. Either delete it or change its value to YES.
4. That's it. Now you'll get the uninstall confirmation prompt box back.
PS: If you want a ready-made registry script to do the task automatically, download following ZIP file, extract it and run the extracted REG file. It'll ask for confirmation, accept it:
Download Registry Script

[FIX] Cannot Uninstall a Program or Cannot Install New Programs in Windows

Many times Windows users face this annoying problem. They can't uninstall an existing program completely. Either they get error message or the program's files remain on hard disk even after a successful uninstallation. Also sometimes they get problems while installing a new software. Windows blocks the installation and they are unable to complete the setup process.
To fix all these problems, Microsoft has released a new Fixit.
This new Fixit automatically diagnoses problems that can prevent installing and uninstalling programs on your computer. Assists with programs that will not uninstall correctly and programs blocking installation of new program installations.
What it fixes:
  • Removes bad registry key on 64 bit operating systems.
  • Windows registry keys that control the upgrade (patching) data that become corrupted.
  • Resolves problems that prevent new programs from being installed.
  • Resolves problems that prevent programs from being completely uninstalled and blocking new installations and updates.
  • Use this troubleshooter for an uninstall only if the program fails to uninstall using the windows add/remove programs feature.
You can download the Fixit using following link:
Download Link

Microsoft Releases Fixit to Disable “Test mode Windows 7 build 7600 or 7601″ Message (Watermark) from Windows 7 Desktop

Many times Windows 7 suddenly starts showing Test mode watermark on Desktop. A message is shown at the bottom-right corner having following text: Test Mode
Windows 7
Build 7600
If you are using Windows 7 SP1, you get Build 7601 displayed on screen:
Test Mode
Windows 7
Build 7601
Actually it happens when Windows 7 is running in Test mode. Microsoft has released a new Fixit to fix this problem.
When you start your Windows 7 based computer, you receive the following message in the lower-right corner of the desktop:
Test Mode Windows 7 Build 7600
For Windows 7 SP1, you get following message:
Test Mode Windows 7 Build 7601
This message is displayed because your computer is running in test mode.
The test mode watermark can appear if the test signing mode is started on the computer. This test mode may occur if an application whose drivers are not digitally signed by Microsoft is installed and still in the test phase. Microsoft added test mode to Windows so that users can test programs without having to provide an authentication certificate. The message that is mentioned in the "Symptoms" section is displayed in the lower-right corner of the desktop when the computer is running in test mode.
1. Click on "Start button -> All Programs -> Accessories". Right-click on "Command Prompt" and select "Run As Administrator". If you are prompted to enter password, enter the password and continue. You can also open Command Prompt in Administrator mode by typing "cmd" in Startmenu Search box and press "Ctrl+Shift+Enter".
2. Now provide following command:
bcdedit /set TESTSIGNING OFF
If the above command doesn't work, you can provide following commands:
bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions ENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFF
3. That's it. Close Command Prompt window and restart your system. It'll disable the watermark from Desktop.
If you don't want to fix the problem manually, you can download following Fixit released by Microsoft which will automatically fix the problem:
Download Fixit to Remove Test Mode Watermark from Windows 7 Desktop

[FIX] Windows 7 Slow Boot (Startup Process) Due to So Many System Restore Points

If you are facing slow startup problem in Windows 7, this article might help you.
Many times Windows 7 startup process takes too much time and you have to wait long to get Windows Desktop. It might happen due to large number of System Restore points in Windows.
Microsoft has acknowledge this problem and has released a hotfix to fix it.
Consider the following scenario:
  • You have a large hard disk installed a computer that is running Windows 7.
  • You create many restore points on the computer.
  • You try to start the computer.
In this scenario, the startup process may be very slow.
This issue occurs because the boot plan for the ReadyBoot feature exceeds the size limit of 512 kilobytes (KB). Each restore point creates a snapshot of Windows that Volsnap.sys must validate during the startup process. When you create many restore points, the boot plan for the ReadyBoot feature eventually exceeds the size limit of 512 KB, and cannot be stored. Therefore, startup I/O operations are not precached, and the startup process is slow.
A supported hotfix is available from Microsoft. However, this hotfix is intended to correct only the problem that is described in this article. Apply this hotfix only to systems that are experiencing the problem described in this article.
You can download the hotfix using following link:
Download Hotfix to Fix Slow Startup Process in Windows 7

How to Completely Uninstall / Remove a Software Program in Windows without using 3rd Party Software?

Generally all computer users install various software programs regularly. Sometimes they keep them and sometimes they decide to remove them. To remove a program in Windows, we uninstall it from Control Panel but many times the default uninstallation utility provided by the program doesn't remove the program completely. It lefts some entries in Windows Registry, some files in various folders in your hard disk drives.
These leftovers might slow down your system and there is no point to keep them in your system.
There are many 3rd party software like Revo uninstaller, etc are available on Internet which claim to completely uninstall a software program in Windows but sometimes these software also fail to completely uninstall a software from your system.
We here at AskVG always try to do the things ourselves so today in this tutorial, we are going to share some easy to use steps which will help you in completely uninstall a software program in Windows.
So without wasting time lets start the tutorial. We have taken Mozilla Firefox as an example in this tutorial:
We have divided this tutorial in 4 steps:
  • Uninstall Using Control Panel
  • Delete Remaining Files and Folders of the Program
  • Remove Software Keys from Windows Registry
  • Empty Temp Folder
STEP 1: Uninstall Software Using Control Panel
First thing first! Uninstall the software using Windows Control Panel.
Windows XP:
Open Control Panel, double-click on "Add/Remove Programs", select the program name and click on Uninstall button. It'll remove it.
Windows Vista / 7:
Open Control Panel, click on "Programs and Features", select the program name and click on Uninstall button.
STEP 2: Delete Remaining Files and Folders of the Program
Even though you have uninstalled the software using Control Panel, some files of this program might still remain in a few system folders.
To delete these leftovers, you'll need check following folders:
If you find any folder with the name of the software program which you uninstalled using 1st step, delete it.
NOTE: You just need to type the above mentioned text in RUN or Startmenu search box and press Enter. It'll open the folders directly.
Program Files folder:
Application Data folder:
NOTE 2: 64-bit system users will also need to check "C:\Program Files (x86)" folder. Here we assume your Windows is installed in C: drive. If you installed Windows in any other drive, replace C: with that drive letter.
STEP 3: Remove Software Keys from Windows Registry
You'll have to be very careful while following this step. Follow this step only if you are comfortable with Windows Registry and if you have used Registry Editor in past.
When you uninstall a software program, many times its entry in Windows Registry is not deleted by the uninstaller. It might increase Windows Registry size.
To completely uninstall the software, you'll also need to delete its key from Windows Registry.
1. Type regedit in RUN or startmenu search box and press Enter. It'll open Registry Editor.
2. Now go to following keys one by one:
64-bit system users will also need to check following extra key:
Once you go to the above mentioned keys, look for a key with the name of your uninstalled software. If you find a key, delete it.
Sometimes the key name might be based on the company name or developer name so if you suspect a key, expand it and check whether its related to the uninstalled software program. If yes, you can delete it.
PS: Make sure to take a backup before deleting anything from Windows Registry so that you can restore it later if something goes wrong. To take backup, right-click on the key which you are going to delete and select "Export". It'll save a .REG file containing the backup of that key.
PS2: Expert users can also find all occurrence of the key with the name of uninstalled software using "Ctrl+F" and delete them. You'll have to be very cautious for it. Delete the key only if you are absolutely sure that the key was created by the uninstalled software.
STEP 4: Empty Temp Folder
At last you can also empty Temp folder which contains temporary files and cleaning this folder is absolutely safe.
To empty Temp folder, type following one by one in RUN or startmenu search box and press Enter:
It'll open Temp folders. You can empty them. If Windows shows errors while deleting a few files, leave them. These files might be used by some running software or Windows services.
That's it. After following the above mentioned steps, you'll be able to completely uninstall and remove a software program from Windows.
If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to post them in your comment...

How to Fix Windows Phone 7 and Zune Devices Connection Problems and Issues?

Many times Windows Phone 7 or Zune device owners face various problems while connecting and detecting the devices to computer system. Sometimes the device is not detected by Windows and sometimes Windows doesn't install the device driver properly and shows error messages. If you also have a Windows Phone 7 or Zune device and facing connectivity problem in Windows, this article will definitely help you.
Microsoft has released a Fixit to automatically diagnose and fix connection problems and issues when Windows Phone 7, Zune or Zune HD device is not recognized or detected when connected to a pc.
What it fixes:
  • Driver not installed
  • Out of date drivers
  • Device not found errors
  • Device and Class Filter blocking device detection
You simply need to download the fix using following link:
Download Fix for Windows Phone 7 and Zune Connection Problems
Run the installer and follow the instructions. It'll automatically detect the issue and will fix it for you.

How to Get “Minimize to System Tray” Feature Back in Windows Live Messenger (WLM) in Windows 7?

If you are using Windows Live Messenger in Windows 7, you might have noticed that it doesn't minimize to system tray when you click on minimize button in WLM titlebar. Instead it sits in Taskbar just like any other program. In previous Windows versions, it used to sit in system tray upon clicking on minimize button. You can enable this feature in Windows 7 using Compatibility mode trick:
How to Get “Hide Window When Minimized” Option Back in Windows Live Mail in Windows 7
If you don't want to use compatibility mode trick, today we are going to share a free and very small utility which automatically patches Windows Live Messenger's EXE file to bring back the minimize to system tray feature in Windows 7.
"WLM Tray Patch" is a freeware which modifies WLM executable file and changes some hex code to enable the good old minimize to system tray feature back.
You just need to run the patcher, select the Windows Live Messenger's EXE file and click on Patch button. It also creates a backup file so that you can restore it if you are not satisfied with the tool. To restore the original file, run the patcher again and click on Restore button.
You can download it using following link:
Download WLM Tray Patch
Thanks to our friend "Nirmal" for sharing it...

[FIX] Access Denied! Website Blocked by ESET NOD32 Antivirus due to Dangerous Content

If you use ESET NOD32 antivirus, you might have faced this situation many times when a normal website is blocked by NOD32.
Actually sometimes NOD32 antivirus blocks a website incorrectly even though the website is absolutely ok and doesn't contain any suspicious data.
When it blocks a website, it shows following error message when you try to open it in your web browser:
Access denied!
Access to the web page was blocked by ESET NOD32 Antivirus. The web page is on the list of websites with potentially dangerous content.
Most of the times its good for user but sometimes when NOD32 blocks a good website incorrectly, you might use the steps mentioned in this tutorial to remove the website from NOD32 blacklist:
1. Double-click on NOD32 system tray icon, it'll open the main window. Now click on "Toggle Advanced mode" link as shown in following screenshot:
It'll ask for confirmation, click on Yes button.
2. Now click on "Enter entire advanced setup tree" link.
NOTE: You can also press F5 key to directly open Settings window. Thanks to our reader "SilverGoldi" for this tip...
3. It'll open NOD32 Settings window. Now go to:
Antivirus and antispyware -> Web access protection -> HTTP, HTTPS -> Address management
4. In right-side pane, make sure "List of addresses excluded from filtering" option is selected in drop-down list. Now click on "Add" button.
5. Now you'll need to enter the website URL which you want to remove from NOD32 blacklist. You just need to enter the domain name without http://www prefix. For example, if NOD32 has blocked Google, you'll need to enter ** in the text box as shown in following screenshot:
6. Once you enter the domain name, click on OK button and NOD32 will successfully add it to the allowed addressed list and will not block the website.
That's it. Now you'll be able to open the website in your browser without any problem.
PS: Use this tutorial only if you are absolutely sure that the blocked website is safe to open...
Also check:
Ultimate Collection of Uninstallers / Removal Tools for All Popular Anti-Virus Software
Put Your Favorite Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Firewall Apps to the Test

How to Disable Full Row Select Feature, Enable Column Header in All Views and Enable Icon Reordering in Windows 7 Explorer?

Windows 7 comes with lots of improvements and new features but also some annoyances. The biggest annoyance with Windows 7 is the redesigned Windows Explorer. Microsoft removed some classic and useful functionality from Windows 7 Explorer like:
  • You can't change order of icons in Windows 7 Explorer using simple drag-n-drop
  • Windows 7 Explorer doesn't show column header (sort header) in folder views except Details view
There are also many people who don't like the new Full row select feature in Windows 7 Explorer.
We have posted many tutorials in past to fix these annoyances. But today we are going to share an absolutely free and very small utility "Folder Options X" which allows you to fix following annoyances in Windows 7 Explorer:
  • Disable full row select
  • Enable column header in all views
  • Enable icon reordering
Folder Options X is a free software created by AskVG reader "T800". You just need to install this tool, run it and enable the desired options using the checkboxes as shown in following screenshot:
Just click on Apply button and the desired features will get enabled/disabled in Windows Explorer instantly. No reboot or log off is required.
Following are 2 screenshots showing the before and after effects:
Default Windows 7 Explorer:
Modified Windows 7 Explorer Using Folder Options X Utility:
As you can see in the 2nd screenshot, full row select feature has been disabled, column header (sort header) is enabled in all folder views and now you can reorder icons using simple drag-n-drop.
You can download this tool using following link:
Download Folder Options X
It works in both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 editions.

Mac OS X Transformation Pack 3.5

FlyakiteOSX is a transformation pack. It will transform the look of an ordinary Windows XP+ system to resemble the look of Mac OS X.The installer simply automates the process of replacing critical system files, setting registry tweaks, and installing extras such as cursors, sounds, visual styles, etc.In case you are not happy with the results of FlyakiteOSX, everything is completely removable. Just run the uninstaller from the Start Menu or from Add/Remove Programs.

FlyakiteOSX does not contain any spyware or ad-ware of any kind. All files needed for FlyakiteOSX are stored in the Windows directory in a folder named ‘FlyakiteOSX’ that is hidden by default.

Download Mac OS X Transformation Pack 3.5
Get password in file s4ndmotion

Sharp World Clock 4.6 free

Try this for  free.You can set up any number of clocks in a line or grid interface. You decide, how many columns and rows the clock grid will have...

-The clock faces can have different colors, design and fonts; choose from a variety of adjustable presets or define your own style!

-Choose analogue or digital display (or a combination of both). Clocks can display country flags and can be resized from tiny to full screen

-It is not just a world clock, but multiple programs in one: a powerful tool collection related to time, geography and information management.

Download Sharp World Clock 4.6
Get password in file s4ndmotion

Vienna Transformation Pack

Windows Vienna transformation pack download, With the Topic of Windows Vienna Growing Hot and more news coming every day,here we share with you about 4 windows seven Transformation packs which will make your Windows XP look like Windows 7 , the awaited Operating System by Microsoft.

Windows Vienna Transformation Pack will change the wallpaper, icons, bootscreen, SheelStyle ,Sounds, Login, Cursors and much more to the predicted parts of Windows 7 ( Windows Vienna) .It also includes some applications which will make your desktop look like XP.

Download Vienna Transformation Pack

Seven Transformation Pack 3.0

Windows X live has Released the latest Windows 7 Transformation Pack 3.0 For Windows Xp, Windows Vista And Server 2003 Windows 7 Transformation Pack 3.0 aka Seven Transformation Pack will transform your entire user interface, including a 7 themed Boot Screen, Welcome Screen, and Visual Style, as well as new icons, wallpapers, and more.

Download Seven Transformation Pack 3.0

Snow Transformation Pack 1.5

It offers you the desktop look of Mac OS X Snow Leopard. I am sure that there are a lot of people that like how Mac OS X look and feel, but prefer to stick with Windows whether it be for gaming, or because you just don’t like Apple.And at last, it’s here. The most versatile transformation pack of Snow Leopard with cooperation from many talent artists in deviantart. Snow Transformation Pack will change the way you look at your Windows Vista/7 to be like Snow Leopard.

Snow Transformation Pack will set a new standard for what transformation pack should become. The program is redesigned on latest update from Seven Transformation Pack branch with easier and better in every aspect.

It will change the appearance of your whole system, including the login screen, icons, wallpapers, sounds, dock, dialog boxes, and other UI elements. You will need to disable User Account Control to install it, so you may have to run the installer twice—once to disable UAC and then again, after restarting to install the package. On installing, you will get a few choices as to whether you want to install a few extra background apps that add extra graphics, which is nice if your computer isn’t necessarily a powerhouse (so you can turn them off to keep performance up).

If you’re tired of the usual Windows GUI and want to get a Mac-like experience for a while, it’s a neat and easy tool to help you do so. Also, when you’ve decided you’re sick of the OS X look, you can uninstall it just like any other program through Control Panel > Uninstall a program.

This program version brings forth few improvements and fixes such as: Fixed reboot prompt to restore Windows Explorer shell if user choose not to; Fixed system files modification compatibilities with non-English edition OS; Fixed Desktop Theme Enhancements being checked even they aren’t checked; Changed Dock application from RK Launcher to RocketDock with older; Fixed x64 system files modification compatibilities.

Snow Transformation Pack is completely free, now you can download, install and use without any charge what so ever.

Download Snow Transformation Pack 1.5

2011 Calendar Windows 7 Theme

Calendar Windows 7 Theme is our calendar theme for the years of 2011. We are releasing this calendar theme as we have been doing for the last several months on the request of our visitors. However, it was a bit late in releasing the monthly Calendar Windows 7 Theme this time round due to some problems and so we would like to apologize for the same. We have released two Windows 7 Themes today itself and will be releasing several new themes in the upcoming days and weeks.

This Windows 7 Theme contains 10 calendar backgrounds for the years of  2011 and all the backgrounds are of 1920 x 1200 pixels resolutions. The backgrounds in this Windows 7 Theme are of very high quality and would fit very well into laptop and desktop screens of all sizes. Hope you like this theme and our upcoming themes too.

Download 2011 Calendar Windows 7 Theme

Xp Theme Final Fantasy

Final fantasy,Visual Styles downloads like Screensavers and Desktop Themes the contents of the file for copyright infringements.We assume that the authors have given full credit where required.However, sometimes an infringement can still occur.If this is the case, and you own the copyright and wishto have the file removed, please inform us, and wewill notify the author and remove the file.
Download Xp Theme Final Fantasy

Win 7 Dark Theme

Windows 7 Dark Theme is a theme dedicated to the awesome Windows 7 Operating System. This a dark theme with 10 high resolution 1920 x 1200 Windows 7 backgrounds and hopefully this theme would be liked by all Windows 7 and dark theme fans. We will also bring out a light version of the Windows 7 Theme very soon.

Download Win 7 Dark Theme

Win 7 Glass Themes

Themes Win 7 Glass. Very clear and elegant for use on your computer desktop, with a unique look, you'll feel like dealing with glass.
Notes :
1. Patch your system files if you haven’t already. There are several ways to do this, but this is easiest: [link]

2. Place the folder Longhorn Full Glass and the file Longhorn Full Glass.theme into your C:WindowsResourcesThemes folder.

3. Now, double click open the file called Longhorn Full Glass.theme to apply the theme.

Download Win 7 Glass Themes

Top 14 Windows Windows 7 Theme pack

Top 14 Windows Windows 7 Theme pack is an attempt to change the look & feel of Windows 7  by Windows Vista Club & Into Windows.This theme comes with a new Welcome Center, Task Pane, Desktop Icons and five cool ‘OneWorld’ images as sideshow to make your Windows 7 desktop better than ever.
Download Top 14 Windows Windows 7 Theme pack

Greece Windows 7 Theme Pack

Greece Windows 7 Theme Pack a beautiful theme for your windows 7 desktop with 5 very awesome wallpapers from Greece. I hope you like it! Just double click it and your theme is installed ! have fun!

Download Greece Windows 7 Theme Pack

Windows 7 Themes Master Pack

lots of themes for windows 7, I would now like to share Windows 7 Themes Master Pack, Here there are many themes for windows 7 you please try one by one might have that match your tastes.

Download Windows 7 Themes Master Pack

Windows 7 Ultimate Theme Pack

We have already covered various good quality themes for Windows 7. We have also written on how to create and save a theme pack in Windows 7. Creating themes in Windows 7 is much easier when compared to Vista and XP. Based on the high resolution Windows 7 wallpapers created by Zawir Rahim, Redmond Pie has made them into themes for Windows 7. These are high resolution themes with Windows 7 wallpapers in different flavors.

Download Windows 7 Ultimate Theme Pack

Mortal Kombat Windows 7 Theme

One of the best fighting games in history is without question Mortal Kombat. If you are looking forward to the next installment of Mortal Kombat, download this Mortal Kombat themepack for Windows 7!

Download Mortal Kombat Windows 7 Theme

Fedora Transformation Pack v1.0

Fedora transformation Pack will transform your Windows user interface to an a great new style. Includes new themes, icons, wallpapers, screen savers and much more. You have never seen these icons or wallpaper before everything in this shell pack.

* logon screen uninstalling fixed
* added True Transparency
* added Msn Messenger Skin
* added Visual tooltip
* Boot screen changed
* Wallpaper changed
* Skin(theme) changed
* windows update icon changed
* Control panel icon changed
* Network connection icon changed
* keyboard icon changed
* Volume control icons changed
* recycle bin icon changed
* drive icon changed
* folders icons changed
* boot screen patched

Download Fedora Transformation Pack v1.0

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