Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Test Website | Dreamweaver

Now that all our web pages are ready it it time to test the website in Dreamweaver. The best way to test the website is to actually see how it looks in the browser. It is a good practice to check the site in multiple browsers as some things which might work well in some browsers might not work so well in other browsers.
To test in a browser:
  • File > Preview in browser > Firefox/ IExplorer
Some things to test for:
  • Click on the main menu items and see if it links correctly to the appropriate pages
  • Click on the footer menu items to check if each link links to the appropriate pages.
  • Check if the headings are formatted correctly on each page
  • Check if the text fonts are looking right on all the pages
  • Check if the form fields are aligned correctly
  • If you want you can do a spell check [Commands > Check spelling]
  • Web page titles – these will appear in the top bar of the browser and by default will be ‘Untitled Document’. These can be changed by entering the page titles for each page in Dreamweaver in the ‘Title’ field.
    Test Website | Dreamweaver
  • Another thing you will notice is that the text is sticking to the left side of the browser. This does not look professional. To add some space on the left and right side of the content area you can edit the content style with the following details:
    • Reduce the width to 90%
    • Uncheck ‘Same for all’ below Padding
    • Enter 5% for left and right padding
Test Website | Dreamweaver
Save all the files including the style.css file [File > Save All]
Test the site again by previewing all the pages in the browser. If everything is OK, it is time to upload the files and make your site live.

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