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Senin, 12 September 2011

Ultra ISO Premium Edition v9.33 Full

Ultra ISO Premium Edition v9.33 Full Rapidshare - This software is a type of software used for burning and editing on the CD. Some of the usefulness of this software include:

    * Duplicate Disc to CD / DVD Image
    * Build Files / Folders to One ISO File
    * Organize and Manage Efficiently
    * Edit and Convert ISO File in Many Format
    * Make Bootable CD / DVDs
    * Create / Edit Audio CD Image

As for the minimum specifications to run this program are as follows:

    * Windows 7/2008/Vista/2003/XP (32bit and 64bit), Windows 2000, ME, 98SE, 98, or Windows NT4.0 SP6a + operating system.
    * Intel Pentium 166MHz or above.
    * 64MB memory.
    * At least 10MB free hard disk space.
    * CD-ROM, CD-R/RW, DVD-ROM, the DVD-R/RW driver (copy compact disc image needs).
    * Mouse.

And the main feature of the ULTRA ISO are:

    * Can directly edit the ISO image file.
    * Can directly extract files and folders from ISO image file
    * Can add / delete / create new directory / rename ISO file image content.
    * Can make ISO file from hard disk document.
    * Can create CD / DVD image from CD / DVD-ROM, maintain bootable information.
    * Can process the compact disc boot information, you cans directly add / remove / extract boot image of the ISO image.
    * Supports Nearly all known CD / DVD image file formats (. ISO,. BIN,. IMG,. CIF,. Nrg,. MDS,. CCD,. BWI,. ISZ,. DMG,. DAA,. UIF,. HFS and so on), and cans Convert Them to the industry standard and widely supported ISO image format.
    * May directly set the file / folder to hidden attribute
    * Supports ISO 9660 and Joliet extension Level1/2/3
    * Automatically optimizes the ISO image file structure, Saves the disc space.
    * Supports the shell document type integration, Open Image files through double clicking Them or the Right Click menu of the mouse with the open dialog.
    * The double window user interface is extremely Convenient to use.
    * There are rich add-on tools, you cans create ALL in 1 bootable compact discs, CD / DVD image file management, even the virtual CD / DVD drive, those functions are really powerful.

Download Ultra ISO Premium Edition v9.33 Full
you can get password in file s4ndmotion

Aiseesoft Blu-Ray Ripper V.3.3.10

Blu Ray Ripper Aiseesoft is really an all-in-one Blu Ray Ripper to rip Blu ray Discs/m2ts common video and DVD of any other video audio formats. This Blu Ray Disc Ripper can convert DVD and Blu-Ray m2ts HD video to HD including AVI, XviD HD / DivX, HD MP4, MOV, WMV HD files and all common video formats MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, SWF at tremendous speed. This Blu Ray Ripper can also extract and convert DVD audio to MP3, AAC, M4A, etc.

What's new for the Blu ray ripper?
First, you can remove the copy protections different commercial BDs, like AACS, BD +, even MKB V19 that was recently published. Secondly, this heartbreaking Blu has the high technology to decipher automatically. Third, it supports playlist.

It offers lots of useful editing functions. You can trim, crop and watermark your videos. You can even join video or audio pieces together as one. Moreover, Blu-ray Ripper Aiseesoft lets you adjust the video effect through the function of editing effects. With this handy Blu Ripper, you can be carefree now!

Key Functions
Rip Blu Ray or Blu Ray video to any video format
The best Blu Ray Ripper can easily convert Blu Ray Blu Ray Disc and HD video M2TS and common video files: H.264 HD, HD AVI, HD MPG, TS HD, WMV HD, MPEG-4, MOV HD, HD ASF, MPEG-4, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MOV, M4V, AVI, 3GP, FLV, SWF, MKV, etc.

Extract audio from Blu Ray or files
You can even copy Blu Ray on popular audio files: AAC, AC3, AIFF, AMR, AU, FLAC, MP3, M4V, MP2, OGG, WAV, WMA.

Blu Ray movie capture
While the preview of Blu Ray, you can capture your favorite image can save it as JPG, GIF, BMP.
role of powerful editing
Apart from the professional Blu Ray Ripper can also be equipped with powerful effects editing functions, trim, crop and edit a watermark.

Key Features
More specific output parameters
full video and audio are provided by this Blu Ray Disc Ripper for you to adjust, as the whole video encoder, frame rate, video bitrate for high quality personalized video. Set Audio Encoder, sample rate, channel, bitrate audio. For resolution, you can input your own. The custom settings can be saved as defined by the user for later use and apply to all files.

Combine the selected content
Join your selected files into a whole one and rename it.
real-time preview
While you edit, you can see the effect of both the source file and the converted files so you can get the exact files.
Intuitive and easy to operate
You can handle it, while first time you operate.

System Requirements
* Supported OS: Windows NT4/2000/2003/XP and Windows Vista, Windows 7
* Hardware Requirements: Intel 800 MHz or AMD CPU or higher, 512 MB RAM or more.

Download Aiseesoft Blu-Ray Ripper V.3.3.10

Nero Multimedia Suite Platinum HD 10.5

Multimedia Nero Suite 10 Platinum HD ready multimedia package from 3 to 1 for video, edit and burn a backup. single powerful package of Nero Multimedia Suite 10, which consists of three products Xtra Nero Vision, Nero Burning ROM, Nero BackItUp & Burn provides the user maximum multimedia capabilities. It has advanced video editing, multimedia player, an excellent software for burning CDs, reliable backup technology, and specialized multimedia tools to enhance music and video files and photos.

System requirements:
* Windows ® XP SP3 (32bit), Windows Vista ® SP1 and at high (32 and 64bit versions), Windows ® July Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate (32 and 64bit versions);
AMD or Intel ® Processor 2 GHz, 512 MB RAM (1 GB of RAM with a view to the Windows Vista ® or Windows ® 7);
* In a 64bit operating system, protested the application in 32bit emulation mode environment;
* Nero Gadget DiscCopy not labor on 64bit operating systems;
* To make the software work properly, the strategy must be installed correctly and recognized by the operating system;
* This is vehemently recommended that you install the latest drivers WHQLcertified device.

* Nero Multimedia Suite Platinum HD 1910 10.5.10900;
Nero MediaHome *;
* Nero Move;
* Nero InCD 6.6.5100;
* LightScribe Software;
* CleanTool Nero General;
* User Manual without interrupti ~ Guide features products in the Russian language;
* Nero 9.0 license manager HQ author BetaMaster 5.55;
* How to Install 19.10.2010.txt not the installation instructions.

Edit video with Nero Vision Xtra:
* Search, Play, and easy to dispose of all your music, photos and video clips using the multimedia organizer of every person in one place
* Use advanced editing tools video (picture in the drawing, the control total, the effect of the special master's song, different effects and transitions) in the multitrack timeline to build their work truly personal
* Create highdefinition movies on DVD, and BluRay, use video SmartEncoding for delivery of HD and burn Bluraydiscs in highquality cinematic format, with 24 frames in a row
* The media player supports all audio video, popular and drawings, of a kind such as AVCHD, MKV, FLV, FLAC, DVD, MPEG4 AVC, (S) VCD, AVCREC and Audio CD, and a list of various play and slide shows
Burn music, pictures and video to the front of the CD, DVD and BluRay, and access to your projects in a network friendly

Burning with Nero Burning ROM:
* Warranty disk read, regardless of their age, wear and scratches because of security technology SecurDisc
* Transferring files by moving slowly and drop to burn to CD, DVD and BluRay, also for the re ~ on that to save the picture
* Sharing large files for burning to multiple drives
* Additional data protection through encryption and add a personal password
* High quality playback ~ ment
* A copy of Perfect discs with reliable, burns without interruption

Backup using Nero BackItUp & Burn:
* Perform automatic backups at the OneTouch without having to change the settings on your computer
* SecurDisc technology ensures the reading of data, increase the chances of file recovery, protection of buildings against accidental changes and verification of data sources
* Easily re-strict your drive, CD, DVD, Bluraydrives, FTP, memory card and online storage
* Returns the material data after a computer failure or damage
* Restore damaged or deleted files from disk delicious, CD, DVDROM drives, flash drives and floppy disks
* Backup files and folders to place the device simultaneously ~

How to Install 19/10/2010
Prepare a combination of parts to form a whole before installing and activating Nero 9:

1.A user's account through the Administrator rights
2. Family OS Windows Vista / 7:
  • Disable UAC (User Account Control Panel Changing the User Account Control) and reboot in accordance with the changes;
  • For the installation / registration application (directly in the case), run as administrator (right click on the icon menu, toothed shortcut, select Run as administrator)
Removing an older version of Nero 10/9/8/7/6: 
1. fully completed the walk, Nero applications, the Service (so long to ask for: a Run Start or Start All Programs Accessories Command Prompt to execute services.msc seizures) stop Nero BackItUp Scheduler and NeroMediaHomeService.4 (recognize the installed MediaHome 4)
2. run the Nero General CleanTool (the allotment) to remove the tail. Reboot your system. For prevention (not necessary, no more than this sometimes helps), you can repeat the process.
3. in the directory Program Files and Documents and Settings (or Users and ProgramData ~ for Windows Vista / 7) to delete a folder which contains the name of Nero (search exercise), the (unnecessary) additional software thirdparty possible to delete temporary files
4. Also the system rebooted, before installing it desirable to upgrade the system. Minimum required:. NET Framework 3.5 (Windows 7 is even now there is no need to install), DirectX 9.0c (Current: June 2010):

1. Update DirectX 9.0c June 2010

2) update. NET Framework to read 3.5

And in a stable job ~ issimo nearly all secured on the display connected to normal, and no different ZverDVD, Extreme and assemblies together with everyone for everything.

Start the installation:

1.Start the installation of Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD. During the inaugural program will show you what the components do not have their own plans also offer them to download and install. Soglaschaemsya. Disposition program asks to continue restarting. We agree. After rebooting the induction ceremony continues automatically. Now turn off the INTERNET!

2.Install Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD through key 9X03014M337HH1CZL2KK229X1ZUXLPHA

3.After installation is complete, restart the system. The program is not advanced.

4.If you need to then set the Nero MediaHome 4 and Nero Move.
When it comes to choice of induction ceremony opening the Nero 9.0 key license manager HQ author BetaMaster 5.55 (on Vista / 7 on behalf of the Administrator (tyknut up ~ the mouse button on the file there is this verse)), placing constraints on Handle Auto Installers, select CO this list the number of units of products ~ click click Generate Add to white list their must be registered in the Control Center.

5.After the installation reboot happy all delicious. Once again, turn off the Internet. Run Nero 9.0 License creator 5.55 BetaMaster HQ manager (on behalf of the administrator in Vista, and 7). Select to print Activation (Nero MediaHome 4), Activation (Nero move it) and DTS plugin clack Sign Serial them must be registered in the Control Center.

6.Later attachment manually in the Control Center following keys:
DTS plugin: KK005195199K254K132E9056XC07
MP3Pro plugin: KC00203X18862446051E54C2XC60

IMPORTANT! No / institution does not / can not generate keys on the following components:
Gracenote Plug-ins
Video BluRay Plugin
BluRay / HDDVD Plugin
BluRay Disc Authoring Plug-ins
Disc playback bluray Plugin
Move Plugin

In the case of the most important level: after installation and activation (do not forget our usual internet !!!!) Run your firewall is disabled and blocking access to the Nero program and the Internet.

Ideally, it will live so that your firewall is interactive and when the Internet makes you like a product suitable for Nero rise in Internet access or not to forgive? Block! How to configure firewall for this, get it in place what I would not say Google's your savior;)

And this time do not use Nero Update and do not update result! This will give you a great opportunity to not lock the keys!

That effect is not torture you with a registration (not deviate from activation) NOSProductRegistration.dll remove files in the following locations:
C: Program Files Nero Nero Nero BackItUp OnlineServices 10
C: Program Files Nero Nero 10 Nero Burning ROM OnlineServices
C: Program Files Nero Nero Nero Express OnlineServices 10
C: Program Files Nero Nero Nero OnlineServices 10 MediaHub
C: Program Files Nero Nero Nero StartSmart OnlineServices 10
C: Program Files Nero Nero Nero Vision OnlineServices 10

BurnAware Professional 3.0.4 full

BurnAware is the ultimate disc burning software. BurnAware Home is the preferred edition for home desktop and mobile PCs. It includes additional burning tools which help you to copy your CDs and DVDs with digital photos, documents, games, movies and music easily. Also with BurnAware Home you can compile and burn bootable discs and disc images.

BurnAware Express is ideal for users with basic disc burning needs as backup, creating data, audio, video discs and burning disc images. Easy to set up and maintain, it enables you to save your files to disc quickly and provides a more flexible interface to help you complete your burning tasks much faster.

BurnAware Professional is the professional’s choice for complete CD and DVD duplication and disc burning. It is permitted for commercial use and includes extra features essential for business and professional users including: parallel erasing and simultaneous disc writing.
Burn CDs and DVDs to multiple drives simultaneously.

Download BurnAware Professional 3.0.4
Get password in file s4ndmotion

Daemon Tools Pro Advanced 4.10.0218 full

Daemon.Tools.Advanced.4.10.0218 FIXED|| 7.4 MB||DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced is CD & DVD emulation software which allows usersto make CD/DVD disc images, create a virtual CD / DVD drives and play CDs &DVDs without the need for the physical disc and supports virtual IDE adapters.What are the differences between (DAEMON Tools Pro - Advanced) with otherversions of DAEMON Tools Lite,DAEMON Tools Pro Basic and Pro Standard?
 1. Maximum number of supported SCSI virtual devices 32 devices
2. IDE adapter emulation
3. Maximum number of supported IDE virtual devices  2 devices
4. CD/DVD Image converter Features:Graphical user interface [GUI] to make mounting of CD/DVD images and other operations more convenient Capability to make CD/DVD images to back up your dataSCSI adapter emulation IDE adapter emulationCD/DVD Image mounting to virtual devicesCD/DVD Image compression D/DVD Image mounting to the physical folders CD/DVD Image password protection CD/DVD Image collection’s management Shell Extensions System Tray AgentVirtual devices’ properties monitoring CD/DVD Image converter.

Download Daemon Tools Pro Advanced 4.10.0218 full
Get password in file s4ndmotion

Nero Express 9 Portable

Nero 9 is the next generation of the worlds most trusted integrated digital media and home entertainment software suite. It features new cutting-edge functionality that makes enjoying digital media content simple.This easy-to-use yet powerful multimedia suite, gives you the freedom to create, rip, copy, burn, edit, share, and upload online. Whatever you want :
-music, video, photo, and data
-enjoy and share with family and friends anytime, anywhere.

With easy-to-use Nero* StartSmart command center, your digital life has never been more flexible, feasible, and fun.

Nero enumerated some of the highlights of Nero 9:
- Fast and easy rip, burn, Autobackup, and copy functions
- Backup files to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs
- Create professional-looking DVD movies with integrated 3D menus
- Copy, burn, share, upload, and create music mixes like a DJ
- Convert music, photos, and DVDs to play on your iPod and other mobile devices
- Quick photo and video upload to My Nero, YouTube, and MySpace
- Watch, record, pause, and customize your live TV experience
- Play AVCHD and other HD formats

Nero Components:
-In CD
-Nero BackItUp
-Nero Burning Room
-Nero CoverDesigner
-Nero Express
-Nero MediaHome
-Nero PhotoSnap
-Nero Recode
-Nero ShowTime
-Nero SoundTrax
-Nero StartSmart
-Nero Vision
-Nero WaveEditor
-Nero DriveSpeed
-Nero InfoTool
-Nero RescueAgent
-Nero BurnRights
-Nero Move It
-Nero DiscCopy Gadjet
-Nero DiscSpeed
-Movie Templates - Starter Kit
-Movie Templates - Pack 1
-Menu Templates - Pack 2
-Menu Templates - Pack 3
-Nero Live
-Nero Live Gadjet
-Nero Ask Toolbar
Download  Nero Express 9 Portable

Nero Burning Room Portable

Nero Burning Rom is an easy to learn, but powerful program for recording CD, DVD, and now Blu-ray and HD DVD discs. In this program, intuitive user interface. Features such that it can burn a CD of all currently existing standards, including audio and video CD. As a source of information for recording discs can act as files on your computer, and other CDs. Version Micro is a compact assembly (from the full version removed all unneeded modules, left only to record disks)

Burn audio files or data to CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or HD DVD. Want to burn movies to DVD? With DVD-R Dual Layer and DVD R Double Layer support, you'll get more data on a disc than ever before! Portable Nero BR was set to maintain your installed Nero's settings, if any. However, you have to be careful in that condition. Rip audio CDs and non-copy-protected DVDs quickly and easily with the world's leading burning engine. Burn your data onto CD and DVD - quickly and conveniently. Create backups - easily and automatically. Archive your data - reliably and securely. Design individual CD and DVD labels - professionally and creatively.

Supported media for burning:
* CD-R
* DVD+-R
* BD-R

Information about software:
Language: English / Russian
Released: October 15, 2009 [Latest Edition]
Size (RAR): 56.8 MB

Download Nero Burning Room Portable

Nero Burning Room 10 Portable

Nero Burning Room 10 Portable your multimedia power with a collection of three products bundled into one powerful suite.It’s loaded with advanced video editing features, media organizer and player, superior burning software,reliable backup technology, and special multimedia tools to enhance your music, photos and videos.

The Nero 10 package provides advanced video editing and HD movie creation,
reliable backup and easy recovery and industry leading CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc burning and copying solutions.

Video Editing with Nero Vision Xtra: 
  • Search quickly, play back and easily arrange all your music, photos and videos all in one place 
  • Utilize cutting-edge video editing tools (picture-in-picture, full keyframe control, 
  • master effect track and assorted special effects and transitions) in a true multi-track timeline to achieve advanced personal touches 
  • Create High Definition DVD, and Blu-ray Disc movies using SmartEncoding for faster HD video output, and author Blu-ray Discs with 24 progressive frame high-quality cinema-style format 
  • Media player for all most popular audio, video and photo formats such as AVCHD, MKV, FLV, FLAC, DVD, MPEG-4 AVC, (S)-VCD, AVCREC and Audio CDs, plus music playlists and slideshows 
  • Burn music, photos and videos to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs, or share to social communities
Burning with Nero Burning ROM: 
  • Ensure your discs are readable regardless of scratches, age, or deterioration with SecurDisc technology 
  • Drag and drop files to burn and copy to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs or save disc images 
  • Split oversized files to burn onto multiple discs 
  • Add extra security protection to your data by adding personal passwords and encryption 
  • Experience superior playback quality from your burned content 
  • Make flawless copies of your discs with reliable, uninterrupted burns
Backup with Nero BackItUp & Burn: 
  • One-click Autobackup without reconfiguring computer settings 
  • SecurDisc technology – Ensure data readability, increase the chance of retrieving your files, protect your data from unintended alterations, and verify the originator of the data 
  • Easily back up data to hard drive, CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, FTP, memory card and online storage 
  • Restore personal data after a computer crash or accident 
  • Recover damaged or deleted files from hard drives, CDs, DVDs, flash storage and floppy discs 
  • Back up files and folders to multiple devices at once.
Download Nero Burning Room 10 Portable

Nero. Built 2.0 Lite full

Nero 9 is the next generation of the worlds most trusted integrated digital media and home entertainment software suite. It features new cutting-edge functionality that makes enjoying digital media content simple. This easy-to-use yet powerful multimedia suite, gives you the freedom to create, rip, copy, burn, edit, share, and upload online. Whatever you want music, video, photo, and data enjoy and share with family and friends anytime, anywhere. With easy-to-use Nero StartSmart command center, your digital life has never been more flexible, feasible, and fun.
Download Nero. Built 2.0 Lite full

Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 full

Ashampoo Burning Studio is a complete burning suite that includes all the tools you need to burn CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs in your computer.The good thing about Ashampoo Burning Studio is that it offers a rich variety of tools to burn data, backup files, create movie and photo slideshows and print labels and covers, while maintaining great usability thanks to a well-organized menu. All you have to do is browse the menu on the left of the interface, select the appropriate task and Ashampoo Burning Studio will open the corresponding tool in a new window.

There are some outstanding new features in this version of Ashampoo Burning Studio. One is the video disc preview player, which emulates the entire disc menu and lets you interact with it; another one is the integrated audio player for audio CD; and finally, the Autoplay editor, with which you can easily build interactive menus that run automatically when the disc is inserted.

The only drawback, if any, is the fact that Ashampoo Burning Studio is not integrated with Windows Explorer: it would have been great to burn files or folders straight away just by right-clicking on them.

Download Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 full

CD Autorun Creator V.

CD Autorun Creator - create professional autorun programs for your CD or DVD in visual environment. CD Autorun Creator offers the fast and efficient way to build autorun programs. You can build your own CD/DVD autorun programs within few minutes.All you have to do is to import your favorite media files such as MP3s and photos in CD Autorun Creator, set command buttons, splash and exit screens, set effects etc.CD Autorun Creator is a software that can create cdroms and autorun programs.

Whether you are creating an autorun CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, CD Autorun Creator will generate all the necessary files for you. Burn them straight to CD-ROM or DVD-ROM and they will automatically start when inserted. The program is very easy to use and will allow you to create powerful standalone autorun program for your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM in an extremely short time.

Download CD Autorun Creator V.

Power Auto Play Menu Creator Pro.7.7.12

Power AutoPlay Menu Creator Is best suited for creating autorun menus, interactive presentations, multimedia applications, software CDs, CD catalogs, CD presentations, CD photo albums, slide-shows, E-Books, CD business cards and promotional CDs. It is an essential tool for software companies, retailers, photographers, designers, marketing and PR professionals. But you can use this tool at home as well to create family - wedding albums or home videos. Avid collectors may use this tool to create a CD catalog of the items they possess, search for, or would like to exchange with other collectors.

Download Power AutoPlay Menu Creator Pro.7.7.12

Xilisoft ISO Burner v1.0.55.0508

Smart and professional, Xilisoft ISO Burner makes it an easy way to burn ISO files including data ISO image, media ISO image, and bootable ISO image files to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL. Xilisoft ISO Burner supports almost all formats, including IMG, BIN/CUE, CDI, MDF, NRG, B5i, B6i, and DMG.

The ISO burner provides best speed to burn ISO file, and 1-2-3 simple ISO burning steps to most save your time and energy. Moreover, the ISO burner can check input disc and prompt to erase the content, allow you to burn multiple copies and check burning log file info.

Here are some key features of "Xilisoft ISO Burner":

Burn ISO to DVD/CD:
-With the ISO burner, you can fast burn data ISO, video/audio ISO, and operating system ISO files to CD/DVD;

Burn other image files:
-The ISO burner also can burn all other image files including BIN/CUE, IMG, MDF, NRG, CDI, B5i, B6i, and DMG;

Support all CD/DVD discs:
-You can burn ISO files to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL, etc.;

High speed promise:
-This ISO burner will burn disc at the highest speed of burner and disc supported to save your time;

Cannot be easier:
-Just drag ISO file in, insert a disc, and start to burn ISO files, then you will get the ready CD or DVD.

Erase disc content:
-If you insert a RW disc with data, the ISO burner will prompt you and erase the content if you want;

Data verification:
-After burn done, provide data verification to compare ultimate disc with the source file to verify if the disc data is complete and correct;

Burn speed and copy number:
-Allow you to set speed to burn ISO files according to your will and copy number if you want to burn multiple disc copies;

Show detailed burn process:
-Display burn rate of the progress and provide passed and remaining time of the ISO burning for your reference;

Auto-check for update:
-The ISO burner will check for update automatically and prompt you the new version to ensure you own the latest features;

Set after done action:

-You can choose the after burn done action before burn ISO or other files, and let the PC execute your preset command after burn finished;

-The ISO burner provides English, German, Chinese, Japanese languages for you to choose.

-Intel Pentium 4, Intel Centrino, Intel Xeon, Intel Core Duo or compatible processor;
-512MB or more RAM;
-20M free hard disk space (more space needed when installing);
-800x600 or higher resolution, 16 bit or higher graphic card;
-DVD RW driver.

Download Xilisoft ISO Burner v1.0.55.0508

Alcohol 120% V.

Alcohol 120%, are Windows tools, CD and DVD burning software that makes it easy to create backups of DVDs * and CDs. He added that this program lets you store your most used CDs as images on your computer, and you can mount them on 1 of 31 virtual drives with the click of a button.

Burning software Pre-Masters includes functions that allow you to burn files directly from your hard drive, and supports both Blu-ray and HD DVD. Compatible with all systems operating 32 and 64 bit Windows to Windows 7. Using Alcohol 120% protect against disc damage.

Alcohol 120% supports a variety of CD / DVD image files including MDS, .. iso,. bwt,. b5t,. b6t, ccd, .. isz,. cue,. CDI,. pdi and. nrg format. For those of you who frequently download PS2 games, can use this latest Alcohol 120% to burn it.

Supported OS
Windows NT 3.x, Windows NT 4.x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

Download Alcohol 120% V.

CDBurner XP

CDBurnerXP is an easy to use and free application to burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. It also includes the feature to burn and create ISOs, as well as a multilanguage interface. You can create data and audio CDs with or without gaps between tracks, burn and create ISO files, create bootable discs. It does however support Burn-Proof technology, multi-session disks, import of ISO images has bin/nrg - ISO converter, simple cover printing and much more. In addition to CD/DVD burning, you can also rip audio CDs, normalize WAV files, encode MP3 files, erase disks. Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista operating systems. Everyone, even companies, can use it for free. It does not include adware or similar malicious components. Create Data-CDs/DVDs
DownloadCDBurner XP

Billing Internet eCafePro Platinum 4.5.1 full

eCafePro Platinum is a billing system and management solution for your internet cafe. You can manage your client PCs through your server. It can reboot, shut down, transfer, adjust volume, message, snap shot, log on and logout all Client PCs with one easy click. Features include sales report, staff working salary report, stock report, multiple users, multiple time rate, multiple member rate, discount rate, cafeteria setup, and more.

Download Billing Internet eCafePro Platinum 4.5.1 full
Get password in file s4ndmotion

Antamedia Internet Caffe 5.4

Internet Cafe Software, Cyber Cafe Software and Gaming Center Software Antamedia, provides full payment and income control, locks unused computers, generate detailed reports and statistics, and account support staff password protection. Process payments quickly and efficiently and improve your business with various reports and statistics
Download Antamedia Internet Caffe 5.4

Billing Explorer DeskPro 6.0 Win 7

Billing Explorer Deskpro 6.0 R07 is the Internet billing software, to facilitate you in developing you in developing your internet business, but also very easy to use, this software is also provided for free here
Download Billing Explorer DeskPro 6.0 Win 7

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