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OEM Configurator 2.0: Free Portable Utility to Add Customized Strings (OEM Information) and Logo in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 System Properties

NOTE: You can check other interesting and useful free software created by our readers here.
UPDATE: New version 2.0 released which comes with support for Windows 8 Developer Preview. Now Windows XP users can also enjoy this tool. The tool now also supports 64-bit Windows editions in this new version.
Long time back we posted tutorials for customizing System Properties window in Windows XP, Vista and 7:
The above tutorials inspired our reader "Hackerpunk1" and he created an awesome portable utility "OEM Configurator" which allows you to customize Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 System Properties window look without any manual registry editing. You just need to enter desired text and select desired logo file and it'll do the rest automatically.
It also allows you to customize and change various items in System Properties window like Owner name, processor name, product ID, etc. Many times when we share our System Properties screenshot with others, we hide product ID from others. Now no need to do this. You can set any desired text string or numbers as Product ID using this tool. Don't worry! It'll now change the actual product ID in your system. It'll just replace the text which is shown in System Properties window.
Following is a result of the output which you can get with the help of this awesome little tool. You can see extra entries like Manufacturer, Model, Phone number, Support hours, Website and logo in right-side in System Properties window:
You can download it using following link:
Download Link

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