Sabtu, 04 Agustus 2012

[Exclusive] Now Its Possible to Add New Working Shortcuts to Windows 8 “Win+X” Menu

We all know that Microsoft's upcoming OS "Windows 8" is under development and a free Consumer Preview (public beta) build can be downloaded and tested using following link: Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Public Beta) Released, Download Now
Windows 8 comes with many hidden secret features. Some of them has been discussed in following article:
Windows 8 Hidden Secret Features and Useful Hotkeys
One of these secret features is the new "Quick Access Menu" which can be accessed using a right-click in the bottom-left corner or using "Win+X" keyboard shortcut. This new Win+X menu shows a list of some built-in useful system shortcuts such as Task Manager, Control Panel, Run, Search, etc.
We found a way to customize this menu which allows you to remove, rename or move existing shortcuts in Win+X menu. You can read the detailed tutorial at following link:
[EXCLUSIVE] Customize New Quick Access Menu (Win+X Menu) in Windows 8
At that time we were unable to add new shortcuts to the menu but now the time has changed!
Finally we have found a way to add new shortcuts to the menu. You can add as many shortcuts as you want and they all work without any problem.

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