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How to Hide / Remove “User Picture” in Windows Vista and 7 Start Menu?

Windows Vista and Windows 7 show your user picture at top-right corner of Start Menu. You can click on this user picture to directly open user account settings page. Many times when you use a 3rd party Windows theme, you might want to hide or remove this user picture from Start Menu as it doesn't match with the new theme and ruins the look of Start Menu.
If you also want to hide user picture in Windows Vista or 7 Start Menu, here is a very easy to use and simple solution for you.
Just a few minutes back, we posted about a cool feature of our favorite tool "Classic Shell":
Enable Windows XP Style Cascading “All Programs” List in Windows Vista and 7 Start Menu
Now we are going to share yet another cool feature of "Classic Shell" freeware. It can also hide user picture in Windows Start Menu. Following screenshot shows Windows 7 Start Menu without user picture:
You just need to follow these simple steps to remove user picture from Windows Vista and 7 Start Menu:
1. Download and install Classic Shell using following link:
Download Classic Shell
2. Once you install it, it'll replace Windows Start Menu with Classic Start Menu. Right-click on Start ORB and select Settings option.
3. Now click on "Windows Start Menu" radio button given in "Left Click opens" section as shown in following screenshot:
It'll re-enable Windows Start Menu for left-click. If you want, you can also follow the same steps for "Windows Key opens" section.
4. Now we need to hide user picture in Start Menu.
Go to "Windows Start Menu" tab and enable "Hide User Picture" option as shown in following screenshot:
5. That's it. It'll immediately hide user picture from Start Menu. Enjoy the minimal and clean Start Menu which you always wanted.

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