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Classic Shell: Get Classic Start Menu, Classic IE and Explorer Toolbar Buttons (Up, Cut, Copy, Paste) Back in Windows Vista, 7 and 8

The most annoying problem which Windows Vista and Windows 7 users face is the removal of classic toolbar buttons e.g. Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, etc. Windows Vista and 7 Explorer doesn't provide these basic toolbar buttons and users have to use keyboard shortcuts keys or menus to perform these operations. Another annoying problem in Windows 7 is the removal of Classic Start menu. Windows 7 doesn't contain the good old Classic start menu. It only provides Vista like new Start menu.
Today we are going to share an awesome free utility which brings back the Classic Start menu in Windows 7. It also adds good old Explorer toolbar buttons in Windows Vista and 7.
"Classic Shell" is a free small utility which provides:
  • Classic Start menu in Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Classic Explorer toolbar buttons (Cut, Copy, Paste, etc) in Windows Vista, 7 and 8
  • Classic IE9 (titlebar text and progressbar in statusbar)
Following are a few screenshots of Classic Shell in action:
Classic Start menu:
NOTE: You can access the default Windows 7 Start menu by pressing "SHIFT" key while clicking on the Start ORB (Start button). You can also change Classic Start menu settings by going to "Settings -> Classic Start Menu" option.
Classic Explorer toolbar buttons, XP style navigation pane, titlebar text and icon:
Its highly customizable, so you can select which buttons should appear in Explorer toolbar by clicking on the "Classic Explorer Settings" button present at last of the toolbar in Explorer.
If you don't get the Classic toolbar in Explorer after installing the utility, press "ALT" key to show Menubar, right-click on it and select "Classic Explorer Bar" option.
Changes in new 3.5.1 version:
  • Enabled the custom start button for Windows 7 and added more settings
  • Added a setting to skip the Metro screen on startup in Windows 8
  • Improved compatibility with the IE10's Enhanced Protected Mode
  • Fixed some bugs found in the previous version
Following are a few exclusive features of Classic Shell which you should definitely know about:
You can download it using following link:
Download Link

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