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Dreamweaver CS5 Template

Once we have defined our site it is time to create a Dreamweaver CS5 template. This template will form the basis for all our website pages and will contain our main layout and design elements. Once this template is created the website pages can be created from it and the the page specific content can then be added in. To create a Dreamweaver CS5 template, click ‘File’ on the main menu, then click ‘New…’.
In the ‘New Document’ window that opens:
  • Select ‘Blank Template’
  • then ‘HTML template’
  • Layout: <none>
    Dreamweaver comes with various prebuilt templates which you can take a look at and see if it suits your need. You can then customize them to suit your unique requirement. For this tutorial we will start with a blank template so we choose <none> underLayout.
  • then click the the ‘Create’ button.
Dreamweaver CS5 Template
You will get the following screen:
Dreamweaver CS5 Template
This is a split screen view of your template file. The left shows the HTML code and the right shows how the page will look.
Click the ‘Design’ button at the top, to get into the Design View.
Dreamweaver CS5 Template
If you need to see the HTML code at any point you can click on the ‘Code’ or ‘Split’ button.
Save the file [ File> Save].
You will get a message that the template does not have any editable regions. This is ok. Give it a name. I have given it the name ‘template’.
Dreamweaver CS5 Template
If you look in your Files panel you will see that your template has been saved as template.dwt within a new folder entitled ‘Templates’
Dreamweaver CS5 Template

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