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Define a New Site in Dreamweaver CS4

The first step to creating a site in Dreamweaver CS4 is to Define a New Site. The object is to recreate the environment of your remote server (where you will ultimately host or make your site live for the world to see) on your computer (where you will actually work on your site).

To define a site in Dreamweaver CS4:

  • Open Dreamweaver CS4
  • Click on “Dreamweaver Site” under the “Create New” Section of the screen that is displayed.
    dreamweaver site
  • In the ‘Site Definition’ screen that shows up, give your site a name. In this case I have given it the name “BusinessSite”. Click the “Next” button.
    site defiinition
  • Select that you do not want to use any server technology. Click ‘Next’.
    Define a New Site in Dreamweaver CS4
  •  Select that you want to edit local copies on your machine and upload to server when ready. Select (or create and select) the folder where you want to save your files. Click ‘Next’.
    site definition
  • Select ‘None’ from the ‘How do you connect to the remote server’ drop down. Click ‘Next’.
    site definition
  • Review your site definition settings. Click ‘Done’.
  • You will see the new site defined in the ‘Files Panel’. All the files you create will be stored here and can be easily accessed from here. Also all links to pages and images etc. will be relative to the folder defined in the site.
    Define a New Site in Dreamweaver CS4

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