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Creating the Menu in Dreamweaver CS4

Let us now work on the menu area. To do this, let us create a new div called ‘menu’ with the accompanying css rule. We first need to point the cursor immeadiatetly after the ‘header’ div. We can do this in 2 ways:
1. The first way is in the design view:
  • Select the ‘header’ div by clicking anywhere inside the header area and clicking on the ‘div#header’ tag that appears at the bottom of the screen.
    Creating the Menu in Dreamweaver CS4
  • The header tag area will get highlighted. Click the ‘right arrow’ key of your keyboard to move the cursor immediately after the ‘header’ div.
2. The second way is in the Code View:
  • Click on the ‘Code View’ button.
    Creating the Menu in Dreamweaver CS4
  • Find the code for the ‘header’ div and place your cursor right after the closing div </div> tag.
    Creating the Menu in Dreamweaver CS4
Once you have place your cursor in the right spot, insert a div named menu.
  • Insert Layout Objects > Div Tag
  • ID: menu
  • Click ‘New CSS Rule’ button
    • Selector Type: ID
    • Selector Name: #menu
    • Rule Definition: styles.css
    • Click OK.
  • In the ‘CSS Rule Definition for #menu’ screen give the following properties:
    • Background> Background- image:  images/menu-bg.jpg
    • Box > Width: 100%
    • Box > Height: 32px
    • Click OK
  • Insert Div Tag screen > Click OK.
  • You will see the menu area with the background image and width/ height specified appearing in template.dwt.
  • Delete the default content inserted within the ‘menu’ div and insert the 4 menu images – Home, About Us, Services, Contact Us. The menu div is now complete. We will link the menu images later after we create all the required html pages.
    Creating the Menu in Dreamweaver CS4

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