Kamis, 15 September 2011

Microsoft Releases Fixit to Automatically Diagnose and Repair Problems When Hardware Devices Not Detected in Windows

Many times we try to install a new hardware in Windows but Windows doesn't detect it or the driver installation fails due to unknown problems. To fix all such kind of problems, Microsoft has released a new Fixit.
This new Fixit automatically diagnoses and repairs problems with devices when the device manager does not detect your hardware, audio, USB, or other devices, or when your devices are disabled or not working.
What it fixes:
  • When you install a hardware device, it is not detected
  • Determine if your audio device is plugged in
  • Driver updates aren't automatically installed by Windows Update
  • You receive one of the following errors:
  • Your <Device Name> is currently disabled or turned off in Windows
  • Your <Device Name> has a driver problem and needs to be reinstalled
  • Windows has detected a problem with your <Device Name>, it is not working properly
  • There is no driver installed for your <Device Name>
You can download the Fixit using following link:
Download Link

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