Kamis, 15 September 2011

Microsoft Releases Fixit to Automatically Diagnose and Fix Common Security Setting on Windows

Many times we face several security related problems in Windows like Windows Firewall is not working properly, antivirus is not detecting suspicious items, etc. Microsoft has released a new Fixit which automatically diagnoses and fixes common security setting on Windows, keeping your PC more secure and reliable.
What it fixes:
  • Checks Windows Firewall configuration and repairs as needed.
  • Checks Windows policies to determine bad settings in the Windows Registry.
  • Checks status of antivirus.
  • Checks Internet Explorer privacy setting to determine how cookies are handled.
  • Checks Windows Update to ensure computer is kept current and secure.
  • Resets Remote Registry back to default to prevent remote modification.
  • Resets User Account Control to default to prevent unauthorized changes to computer.
  • Clears Internet Explorer history and cache.
  • Checks if Internet Explorer is up to date.
You can download the Fixit using following link:
Download Link

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