Kamis, 15 September 2011

Microsoft Releases Fixit to Automatically Diagnose and Fix Problems With Visual Aero Glass Effects, Themes, Transparency in Windows Vista

Many times Windows Vista users face problems related to Aero theme. Sometimes they can't enable Aero glass effect in windows, sometimes a particular program doesn't use Windows theme and uses Windows Classic theme to show controls. To fix all kind of problems related to Aero theme, Microsoft has released a new Fixit.
This new Fixit automatically diagnoses and repairs problems when the visual Aero Glass effects, themes, and transparencies are not working or are disabled in Windows Vista on your computer.
What it fixes:
  • A program you are running does not display the Aero effects
  • Some Aero effects such as transparency are not displayed
  • Identify if your video card doesn’t support the Aero required settings, color depth, or does not have sufficient memory to support some Aero effects
  • Identify if the required Desktop services, themes and indexes are running or disabled in order to display Aero effects
  • Identify if the current power settings do not support Aero desktop effects such as running on battery power
  • Windows borders are not displaying Aero transparency
You can download the Fixit using following link:
Download Link

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