Rabu, 14 September 2011

How to Get “Minimize to System Tray” Feature Back in Windows Live Messenger (WLM) in Windows 7?

If you are using Windows Live Messenger in Windows 7, you might have noticed that it doesn't minimize to system tray when you click on minimize button in WLM titlebar. Instead it sits in Taskbar just like any other program. In previous Windows versions, it used to sit in system tray upon clicking on minimize button. You can enable this feature in Windows 7 using Compatibility mode trick:
How to Get “Hide Window When Minimized” Option Back in Windows Live Mail in Windows 7
If you don't want to use compatibility mode trick, today we are going to share a free and very small utility which automatically patches Windows Live Messenger's EXE file to bring back the minimize to system tray feature in Windows 7.
"WLM Tray Patch" is a freeware which modifies WLM executable file and changes some hex code to enable the good old minimize to system tray feature back.
You just need to run the patcher, select the Windows Live Messenger's EXE file and click on Patch button. It also creates a backup file so that you can restore it if you are not satisfied with the tool. To restore the original file, run the patcher again and click on Restore button.
You can download it using following link:
Download WLM Tray Patch
Thanks to our friend "Nirmal" for sharing it...

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