Rabu, 14 September 2011

How to Disable Full Row Select Feature, Enable Column Header in All Views and Enable Icon Reordering in Windows 7 Explorer?

Windows 7 comes with lots of improvements and new features but also some annoyances. The biggest annoyance with Windows 7 is the redesigned Windows Explorer. Microsoft removed some classic and useful functionality from Windows 7 Explorer like:
  • You can't change order of icons in Windows 7 Explorer using simple drag-n-drop
  • Windows 7 Explorer doesn't show column header (sort header) in folder views except Details view
There are also many people who don't like the new Full row select feature in Windows 7 Explorer.
We have posted many tutorials in past to fix these annoyances. But today we are going to share an absolutely free and very small utility "Folder Options X" which allows you to fix following annoyances in Windows 7 Explorer:
  • Disable full row select
  • Enable column header in all views
  • Enable icon reordering
Folder Options X is a free software created by AskVG reader "T800". You just need to install this tool, run it and enable the desired options using the checkboxes as shown in following screenshot:
Just click on Apply button and the desired features will get enabled/disabled in Windows Explorer instantly. No reboot or log off is required.
Following are 2 screenshots showing the before and after effects:
Default Windows 7 Explorer:
Modified Windows 7 Explorer Using Folder Options X Utility:
As you can see in the 2nd screenshot, full row select feature has been disabled, column header (sort header) is enabled in all folder views and now you can reorder icons using simple drag-n-drop.
You can download this tool using following link:
Download Folder Options X
It works in both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 editions.

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