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How to Link Articles in Joomla 1.6

In this part of our Joomla 1.6 tutorial we will learn how to link articles to the web site menus.
To make your articles and the corresponding pages accessible, you should set links to them. This can be completed by including these links in the web site menus.
Open your Joomla admin area->Menus->Main Menu.
Menu Items
Click on the New button.
Choose the Menu Item Type from the corresponding dialog. If you want to link a standard article pick the Single Article option.
Single Article
Then enter the link title in the Menu Title field and select the corresponding article which will be linked through the Select Article functionality.
Menu Title
Save the changes and view the new menu item located on your frontend.

How to publish your article on the home page?

In order to make one of your articles the home page for the web site, navigate to the Joomla admin area->Menus->Main Menus.
Select the article and click on the Home icon.
The change of the default home page article will be confirmed with the following message:
One menu item successfully set to home
If you want to remove the old home page article, select it and click on the Trash button.
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