Sabtu, 17 September 2011

Smart Pc Pro V.5 4

Smart PC is a world-renowned system tools, build a system recovery, disk clean-up and system optimization, and many other useful functions in one system that can help users quickly and easily realize the love machine optimization, cleaning and repair, ensure that your computer faster, cleaner and error-free operation.

Users can click on the download link below to download Smart PC Pro installer, download the installer double-click to open directly after the Welcome installation screen, though the English interface, but relatively shallow, the installation wizard prompts users to click next all the way Easy one step to complete the software installation.

Smart PC Pro's installation process is complete the window will pop up, unregistered trial version may only be 30 days. To tell you good news, recently, Germany's largest computer magazine "Computer Bild" is a FREE Smart PC Pro product registration code, you can simply enter the following registration code free Smart PC Pro.

Registered name: Computer Bild

Registration Code: 7B33-C1B3-04F7-71C2-5D77-85D8-4E3E-D702

You simply pop up window, click "Enter licensing key" button to open the registration code input window and enter the registration name and registration number corresponding to, then click the "Apply" button to successfully register Smart PC Pro.

Smart PC Pro has a basic function of the professional features from the three plans to change operating modes: fast, regular and complete, the user can select the appropriate mode of instant flexibility to set up your computer. At the same time, the software allows the user to cancel any changes, so you can easily recover any changes.

Smart PC can surf the Internet when you ensure that your personal privacy data security, protection of your personal information from theft. Can help users detect, diagnose and repair various types of system problems, regular use of the software can keep your computer running smooth and correct so as not to produce a system crash. Can be easily scanned into the system of unwanted junk files and automatically clean up to ensure maximum use of valuable disk space. Can optimize the Windows system, start to accelerate the efficiency of the system and all application performance.

Smart PC makes your PC faster, error-free and more effective! The additional new features can surf the Web to protect your personal privacy and protect your personal information from theft. Features: You can fix, organize, and optimize your PC, to avoid ID theft, erase internet traces.

Download Smart Pc Pro V.5 4

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