Senin, 05 September 2011

BullGuard Internet Security 10 (64 & 84 bit)

BullGuard Internet Security is a top product, perhaps too little known for what it can offer. It has Antivirus engine from BitDefender (so it has a very good detection) and Firewall engine from Outpost (excellent protection). Recently it was launched the 10 Beta version and its final version will have a free license for six months.

We already threw an eye on the program to test its performance, but before telling you our opinion, here is the list with changes according to the official website: Behaviour Detection allows real-time detection of a large number of malware without definitions, Safe Browsing – alerts on unsafe sites in Google search results, Inspector – locates vulnerable software and failure to update in the system, Password protection – allows protection of program settings to prevent their access to other people and Firewall and Spam filter were improved obviously.

As many other people, we are sure that you’ll also be impressed by BullGuard Internet Security especially by the consumption of resources, which is very low ~ 30-40 MB RAM, which is very little for a security suite like this. Windows startup is also very fast, without any noticeable slowdown. In addition, when you first start the program you will be asked what behavior you want to have: automatic decisions (novice users) on the threat detected or interactively, the user (experienced) will select himself the action.

The firewall has simple and easy to understand alerts, providing also complete details for advanced users. The Inspector, the new introduced function runs properly, giving you information about vulnerable programs and outdated from the system, along with solutions to remedy the problem. It is an excellent product, well above other similar products from all points of view, many people looking forward to a final version.

Download BullGuard Internet Security 10 (64 & 84 bit)

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